John Wesley and Grace

While some traditions lead you to faith in Christ, many simply bring you to the foot of the cross and leave you there. For John Wesley, he believed it is as important to live as a Christian as it is to become a Christian. His theology provides a model for a vital and passionate practice of Christian living, rooted in an active waiting upon God's transforming grace. In doing so he provides for us a model for how the live of faith is nurtured. In this sermon Rev. Frankie expounds on these concepts.

In this sermon we examine Martin Luther's insight that it is God's mercy in Jesus Christ and not human attempts to satisfy God that makes reconciliation between God and humanity possible. In this picture of Christianity--rooted in gratitude rather than obligation we can enjoy freedom and "faith made active through love." We behave as Christians not so that God will love us, but because God loves us. This calls us to a higher moral existence so that we are discouraged from abusing God's great love and grace.

In this sermon we turn to one of the great minds of the church's history, St. Augustine. From him we learn a way of thinking about our loves or desires. We learn as well the nature of sin which uses these very desires to turn us away from God and towards self-destruction. Augustine finds the answer, not in denying loves or desires but in loving them "in God." Only by ordering our lives in this way can we enjoy all that God has made for us.

Is Christianity more about what we believe or how we act? What does Christian faith have to do with my everyday behavior? What tools do I need to form a Christian ethic? How can I live a life worthy of the gospel? Most of us don't do enough bad things to feel guilty and not enough good things to feel righteous. Where is the middle ground? Rev. Frankie explores these topics and others in this first of five sermons in a series on "Living a Life Worthy of the Gospel."

Feb. 10 Sermon

Feb. 3 Sermon

Bashing Those We Hate

"It's OK to judge. It's OK to condemn. It's OK to write off, avoid, criticize, dislike, and even hate people whose lifestyle repulses you. The more sinful they are, the more it's permissible to bash them." Sadly many who claim to follow Christ have this philosophy. In this sermon Rev. Frankie takes on the difficult topic of how to love those that you love to hate.

Guilt vs. Genuine Conviction

“If you really loved God, you’d be good. Obviously, you don’t love God. Why do you keep falling into the same sin over and over again? Why do you keep failing like you do? You must not be a very serious Christian." We have all told ourselves this at one time or another. In this sermon Rev. Frankie exponds on the difference between guilt and genuine conviction that leads to repentance.

God Can't Forgive Me

God cannot forgive me.” “I’ve gone too far and God doesn’t want anything to do with me.” In an age of zero tolerance and no room for error, we often struggle with the notion of forgiveness and free grace. In this sermon based on the book, “10 Things Jesus Never Said and Why you Should Stop Believing Them” by Will Davis, Jr., Pastor Frankie illustrates that God doesn’t run away from sinners, God runs towards them.